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Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

Collection of Essays and Etc.

Is my collection of Personal Narratives, some Fiction and a few Poems, because writers write all kinds of things- Enjoy!

Gospel of the Wordsmith

Gospel of the Wordsmith

Evolution of Life in Wrds

Libraries Newsstands and Bookstores (physical and virtual) these are places of worship for the wordsmith

Quandaries of Love

Quandaries of Love

Book of Prose

This collections offers interesting pairings such as- larks that run the gamut of love quandaries!

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Ink Drop Space Virtual Writing Retreat

“The highlight of my week” -Linda
“I got ideas for two new pieces” -John
“The chance to just write” -Ray
“Sharing with other creative minds” -Kristine

Ink Drop Space Virtual Writing Retreat
Colin Mole

-Valerie is an intelligent, accomplished published Author of three books, and leads her own Virtual Writing Retreat.
We have a shared interest in relationships and personal growth and development, Valerie has been a good friend especially as a sounding board.
I am thankful to count Valerie as one of my few regular friends, and confidants, and is someone I’ve grown to trust.

Colin Mole Writer
Lauren Tallman

This was such an interesting read! It's powerful and each story has its point. I loved 'The Back Nine' which gives many women the feeling of accomplishment and pride.
Good going.

Lauren Tallman Author of "How to Have and Affair and Not Get Caught."

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