I wrote this piece because I was thinking about how I seem to have opposing relationships with people I profess to love, I mean I do love them but to do so I am constantly feeling that in order to get along with them I have to be a contortionist emotionally bending and twisting in order to not be in constant conflict with them! I do not believe they are making quite the concessions that I am frankly they come across as entitled and that I am the odd one, granted I am not “average” for my race or sex or even my supposed  orientation, I never have been nor will I ever be a fucking rant and file woman! I am beyond being hurt or shamed by these people who claim to love me frankly it just pisses me the fuck off that they lean so heavily on what they interpret as this society’s norms and have let me know that I have at times embarrassed them and they had to apologize for my me! Fortunately I can divorce one but unfortunately not the other, my only remedy is to love both of them from afar which trust me I’m working toward that but until then, writing is my only saving grace and I thank God every day for this gift He has given me! Enjoy

Strang Mirrors Mirror Differences  

Mirror mirror on your wall who is the stranger among us all? 

How I see you and how you see me there could not a bigger difference be

I am yours but not you and you are mine but not me

How you want me to be is not who I want you to see 

What I need from you comes with conditions what you need from me comes with compromises

My idea of you and the actuality of me is real but differences can make us all seem strange

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