Finally after literally years of hearing about “First Friday” here in Las Vegas I experienced it last night with my BFF, well it was this was a three pronged happening- first he was working, second I really wanted to experienced it after two failed attempts last year and third we just wanted to spend some time together as awesome creatives! We pre-gamed by stopping at Starbuck’s for an evening snack and Venti coffees. Driving to the Epicenter of the Las Vegas creative community was a breeze, but finding a parking space- not so much, we ended up about four blocks away along side an actually pretty neon lit church. The second the sun went down the whole area seemed to light up at once, then the music from a band I never saw started and the night was turned on! I suddenly saw so much art everywhere in so many different iterations “The Art Factory” was literally my “You Are Here” red neon doorway dot, there was so much color the walls themselves weren’t spared, the cool early Spring air was filled with the smell of the whole world’s different foods,incense from who knows where and local expensive weed.Personally, I don’t think dogs and babies in this particular atmospere mix well but there were lots of people milling around with an opposing opinion, also in attendance was a huge Capybara being chauffeured around in a little red wagon and a T-Rex costumed person lumbering around holding a small sign in smaller paws or claws I have no idea what it said.Sticking with the animal kingdom- I saw a very tall Dalmatian a tiny chihuahua I swear I almost step on, a pure bred Irish Setter that came up to my hip, two extreme sizes of Labradoodles and a biker dude with something white and fluffy zipped up in his vest.As I mentioned before besides the babies of all sizes there were their counterparts actual children of all ages, seriously, my thought was- really?  I would not choose any “First Friday” as “Date Night” because I saw some for which this was a conscious decision- on her a dress heels and a small jacket, on him a dress shirt slacks nice shoes no jacket- of course. Speaking of couples- there was every possible iteration and on every vibration of the human sexuality spectrum- I couldn’t help singing in my head the Houdini one hit wonder “Freaks Come Out At Night” the only thing more fabulous than the people were the food trucks there even were separate alcohol trucks which was pretty considerate.My lasting impression of my first “First Friday” is that I went I saw I ate I drank I had a great time with my BFF, if that was my last “First Friday” I’m cool!

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