Love Exuberantly

February is the month of “love”, it is also my Birthday month and this year I had a fantastic milestone one! Plus it was a Leap year.

Within this endorphin drenched month, there were hellacious winds that if one were to wax poetic- they were either blowing your love of this lifetime to you or sweeping the bane of your existence the hell away from you!

This visually inoculated month of mostly red, pink and white I have been in “love” several times lasting anywhere from roughly four hours, to maybe two weeks, or about forty-eight hours and of course the entire month.

First there was the cute guy, new to town and new to me (Mr. forty-eight hours)

Next for approximately two weeks, purposely and accidentally at the same happenings also, we shared some meals and some kisses (Mr. two weeks)

Now, if you get invited to a party that is spectacular from transportation door to door, catered food with premium alcohol plus, beautiful women in every diction you might even think of looking, who are on every vibration of the female sexuality spectrum- also being adored and returning the favor (Ms. four hours)

Lastly but most certainly not the least, are the two that keep my heart open to “love exuberantly” a bit longer than these amorous twenty-nine days on steroids, my constant (Mr. and Ms. entire month)

I have found it to be oh so true- “love” is a very splendid thing!