A Story to Tell

I’ve been working with Valerie for a couple of months now. I have no idea how to write a book but, but I have a story to tell, so I reached out to Valerie for support. Her passion for writing and storytelling […]


Valerie is an intelligent, accomplished published Author of three books, and leads her own Virtual Writing Retreat.We have a shared interest in relationships and personal growth and development, Valerie has been a good friend especially as a sounding board.I am thankful to […]


Hello, my name is Mr. Aman Acquah and Ms. Valerie Runyan and I have been friends for almost three years. Unfortunately, over the years I have had problems with different women. However, when I need a woman’s perspective, Ms. Runyan was there […]

Generous with her time.

Valerie J Runyan was my Writing Coach. Valerie was very generous with her time in helping me write in four months a rough draft of my six book Science Fiction Fantasy Romance series titled The Stars Are Not Enough. She has read […]