Houdini Was Right- My first “First Friday”

Finally after literally years of hearing about “First Friday” here in Las Vegas I experienced it last night with my BFF, well it was this was a three pronged happening- first he was working, second I really wanted to experienced it after […]

Love Exuberantly

February is the month of “love”, it is also my Birthday month and this year I had a fantastic milestone one! Plus it was a Leap year. Within this endorphin drenched month, there were hellacious winds that if one were to wax […]

What Do You Do?

What do you do, when you don’t know what to do with regard to your Creativity Business?  Today I was resisting going into a spiral of self-doubt, uncertainty and anger because I didn’t have any instant answers.  I was asked innocent enough […]


This past weekend I spent hours first researching then finally choosing which eBook Website to publish my very first ebook with I chose Smashwords. I knew from the description off the webpage there were “Tutorial” videos involved there were actually several and […]

Generous with her time.

Valerie J Runyan was my Writing Coach. Valerie was very generous with her time in helping me write in four months a rough draft of my six book Science Fiction Fantasy Romance series titled The Stars Are Not Enough. She has read […]


 This piece was my very first Writing Contest entry ( the prompt was titled “Rock Bottom”) my first handwritten draft was longer and a bit more raw (language wise) even though I shortened and cleaned it up some- I refused to take […]


This morning my Podcast went LIVE!!! on Soundcloud.com under “Notes to Self” the episode is titled “Words” I actually heard my own voice on the internet I am so fucking excited and just psyched! This is all a part of what I […]


Yesterday I was reminded of an old pain, a wound that has healed and now I am the proud owner of a new scar and I am so grateful! I have moved through the initial pain over the months since it was […]


I wrote this piece because I was thinking about how I seem to have opposing relationships with people I profess to love, I mean I do love them but to do so I am constantly feeling that in order to get along […]