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About “Ink Drop Space Virtual Writing Retreat”

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About Valerie as a "Writing Coaching"

-Hello, my name is Mr. Aman Acquah and Ms. Valerie Runyan and I have been friends for almost three years. Unfortunately, over the years I have had problems with different women. However, when I need a woman’s perspective, Ms. Runyan was there to provide advice and predictions. Although, some of her predictions did not come true immediately, they came through later and became of her advice I was prepared to deal with each woman, and I knew what she was doing.

-Valerie is an intelligent, accomplished published Author of three books, and leads her own Virtual Writing Retreat.
We have a shared interest in relationships and personal growth and development, Valerie has been a good friend especially as a sounding board.
I am thankful to count Valerie as one of my few regular friends, and confidants, and is someone I’ve grown to trust.
Colin Mole

-Valerie J Runyan was my Writing Coach. Valerie was very generous with her time in helping me write in four months a rough draft of my six book Science Fiction Fantasy Romance series titled The Stars Are Not Enough. She has read each of the books twice and has made herself very familiar with them. She has given me valuable advice regarding character development, plot, story arcs and wordsmithing. Valerie is a talented writer who has one published novel, Quandaries of Love and has several projects in the works including Voyeur and Bond. I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone looking for a Writing Coach.

T. Las Vegas, NV

About Caterpillar

This was such an interesting read! It's powerful and each story has its point. I loved 'The Back Nine' which gives many women the feeling of accomplishment and pride.
Good going...   Irene Hockman

‘Caterpillar’ is a remarkable must-read reflection of what a transforming soul looks like in motion through a journey of accepting variant states of dissolution. The trajectory of the journey leads the author towards victory and the rewards of self-preservation and true self-actualization.  - Linda Lockett