Writing is my refuge it is my air my reason for living my one true gift my calling. When you realize you are a writer you realize that you are special and special means different so you are looked upon by- let’s face it- jealous people who hate the attention you get when you are recognized for your talent. When you decide to embrace your gift and yes it is a decision you must consciously make or of you can choose not to but choosing not to embrace your real reason for living has its price, just as embracing it has its rewards. Choosing not to admit and embrace your true nature out of fear is like not wanting to eat because you might gain weight, just plain stupid. Yes embracing your calling of being a writer invites less enlightened people to call you names and make inaccurate and just plain wrong assumption about the personality traits of gifted people who can turn a phrase, unfortunately there is undeniable proof that embracing and expressing your talent can be detrimental to those who happen to orbit around a living writer. If you are a true writer and you know if you are or you are not( pretty early in your life) then you literally breathe words, books are not inanimate objects to you they are food water and air and you simply cannot and refuse to live without at least one near your body at all times. Writers are born not made writing is not a way of life it is a way of being writing is not what you do it is who you are! Writers are not concerned with mortality because we believe our writing in whatever form it manifests itself in will live on after we are no longer physically here our words never die they just find a new host.

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