This piece is my foray into light Sci- Fi Romance and I have actually submitted it to different Literary Magazines looking for Sci Fi and I received my first email rejection letter which I thought was cool so I archived it! I […]


Two days ago I had a free fifteen minute one on one call from a real live Life Coach named Koren Motekites, now I have listened to her podcast “How She Really Does It” for the better part of this year and […]


My journey to become a published creative is not linear it is not smooth or far fetched. I just had the thought of what the are the different definitions for me of the word “Published”. Sure the standard dictionary definition induces the […]


Writing is my refuge it is my air my reason for living my one true gift my calling. When you realize you are a writer you realize that you are special and special means different so you are looked upon by- let’s […]